Wisdom from Bob's Barn

Jan 2016
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So, I am fully and completely retired and no longer a therapist, counselor, administrator or toilet cleaner.  I no longer have to hassle with petulant little boys (mostly) who are not responsible enough to cover the tab for services rendered.  (by the way I never forget-you know who I am talking to)  I do not have to cover the operational expenses of our fine downtown suite and no more funky taxes BO tax City tax, 940, 941,,,,,, yeah done.  By the end of 2016 I will have our corporate entity cleaned up and limited.

Now I drive Miss Daisy-my wife of near 40 years, drive Princess Lucy my granddaughter twice weekly-we do grandparent daycare four days most weeks and it will suck next year when she goes to kindergarten, I raise rabbits, chickens and am keeping two goats (until spring at which time I will,,,,, well freeze most of them).  I still have 13 of the old parrot gang out here and they get fed and watered and they harass me when I have duties in the shop.  We will continue to garden but this year I will expand it (not sure where but for sure vertical is the way to go).  I have cut the electric bill (we were paying close to 450.00 a month average in the winter) in half by firing up the old wood stove.  I shut it down in February 1989 when my father in law passed.  Oh yeah, we need a pile of kindling, a pile of soft wood, a pile of heat wood and some hard wood every freaking day.  So, I get a new chainsaw to start on next year’s wood (maybe a little extra to give to a friend or two who happen to gift me with the fair market value of said wood-but no way am I ever going to be selling fire wood and generating income).  So the thyroid and two pound tumor did not kill me, the eighteen inches of cancerous intestine being pulled out of my lower abdomen did not kill me, diabetes-high blood pressure-high cholesterol all have failed to kill me.  Maybe retirement will?  Or not!  Oh yeah all most forgot, no job means I can be open about my political choices, I have a bumper sticker on the truck supporting Dr. Ben Carson he is the most intelligent, non-political, decent human being in the race. ( I know he ain’t got a chance but maybe, just maybe……)