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Mar 2016
Presidential Race
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My last post was read by no one, it was responded to by no one, it was important to no one-but me.  As I watch the silly game that is American politics I realize we deserve exactly what we are going to get.  The final race, barring misfortune, is going to be Hillary vs. Donald.  It is not rocket science, follow the money, basic every detective will tell you base motive for every crime is money.  And a crime this situation is, we have Clinton who is a flat out lying *&%* who is responsible for the death of four faithful Americans.  She will say and do anything to get another crack at the White House dishes.  She has lied, cheated and been faithless all of her professional life why change now.  On the other hand we have a clear example of everything gross and extreme about this nation.  We are going to get what we deserve.  With the range of candidates still running becoming more limited I am starting to hope for the communist, err, socialist, our whack job uncle Bernie.  He will destroy us just like the others but at least we will look like Britain, Sweden and the other “socialist” states.  POTUS just did the grand tour of the existing communist type regimes and of the maybe we should emulate Cuba, hey they shut down their economy, and managed to keep really cool cars on the roads….

Someday maybe we will get it right, picking servants by public interview is a great idea, but we do not do that, we pretend to while the (here it comes) “money” generates and picks our public servants without regard for the people’s choice or the quality of the “picked” public servants.  I am not sure there is a solution but here is a novel idea, what if instead of gross mass elections we had a random choosing of a jury 3 from the right, 3 from the left and 3 from them other folks.  These people serve as “pickers” if you will.  Their appointment is by random lottery of all adult citizens, their term of service is an arbitory  5 years after which “they” get the life time pension and benefits now awarded to the current politicos.  This jury could work from where ever they lived due to our wonderful electronic age and their job would be simple-read resumes, life histories and pick the needed “servants” who then would SERVE the people.  Pipe dream but , what if?

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