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Aug 2014
Ongoing whining saga:
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So I finally figured it out. Middle of May I convinced my primary medical person to let me smear poop on a stick to go to the lab. (we did this in February at the hospital. but they must have needed poop on their stick). Took a week for the results to come back poop was full of blood. PCP sent a “request” to insurance company for a colonoscopy. a couple weeks later we get the insurance ok. Schedule a pre-visit, wait for it, had to send a request to the insurance company f…or the partial hospitalization for the , yeup you got it, colonoscopy. The colonoscopy shows cancer. (Boo Hiss). A request goes to the insurance company to allow a visit with a gastro surgeon. Approved (a week later). Surgeon says CT scan needed, wait a week for approval, need an MRI to confirm, wait a week for insurance company approval, so we now know Bobby has cancer in his **** but we also know it is not in his liver or lungs (good sh*t). How ever we now have to, wait for it, request permission from the insurance company to cut this crap out of my ass and keep me alive. We got final written permission from the “panel” in Plano, TX for me to enter into the hospital for said procedure. Am going to assume they now figure if I am still alive, maybe my life is worthy of their granting of permission to live! (Sarah was not far off boys and girls, she just used the wrong words)

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